I always start decorating for the next major holiday as soon as one is over. The only exception is Christmas where I find myself wanting to decorate earlier and earlier each year. This year I even had my live Christmas Tree before Thanksgiving. You can expect my Christmas posts to start immediately following Halloween :).

Before Valentine’s Day is over, I’m already thinking about Easter. I love everything about Easter from the true meaning of the holiday to the Peeps. Easter decor is a little tricker than Christmas and I find myself much more selective here. As with any holiday though, a banner and/or garland or two is a must have. Here are three simple DIY garlands I created to make our home a little more bunny welcoming.

1. Cottontail Bunny Bottoms Garland

This one is my favorite. For my Bunny Bottoms Garland, I used tightly woven burlap for the bottoms and the feet, white poms for the tails, grey felt for the pads of the feet and jute, of course, for the string.

I also had a little helper working alongside me on his own Easter craft which made this one that much more fun. As usual, he was being his silly self. Love this smile.

I free-handed the shapes since they are all very simple. After some scissors and a glue gun, I had this adorable gardland finished in no time. How cute is this?

2. Burlap Button-Tailed Bunnies (say that three times fast)

Similar to the first, I used burlap for this Easter garland, except a looser woven burlap worked fine since the burlap serves as the backing. Using some Easter-esque patterned cardstock, I cut out a simple bunny silouette, glued these to the burlap and topped with white buttons as the tails. Pretty straight-forward. I hung this one in the boys’ playroom above their craft table.

The Duck & Goose book series shown in the above photo by the way is my favorite little series for the little guys. B had several memorized before he was two. 

3. Rustic Easter Eggs

I found a bag of paper mache Easter eggs at Hobby Lobby for approx. $4. Using a sharpie, I wrote Happy Easter on the eggs. I love how pretty and simple these look on their own.

My intention for these is to actually hang on branches as a centerpiece for my Easter table setting, but I admittedly haven’t gotten that far so I prepped for hanging and strung on some jute for the time being. 
I used an awl to poke holes in the tops of the eggs which allowed me to easily string some hemp through.

Admittedly, you don’t get much credit for the gold letters when strung as one piece as I have shown currently, but would look great as is with black letters. With the gold, these will look lovely strung on some branches once I get there… 
I hope you found these DIY Easter garlands as cute and simple as I did! Happy (early) Easter!