Happy First Day of Spring!! Spring is in full swing here in the South. Birds are chirping, daffodils are up, and the peach trees are blooming. It may just be my favorite time of the year (or maybe a tie with autumn). I’ve been busy adding touches of spring to every corner of our home (lots of projects to come!)

Baby’s breath – probably the most inexpensive flower at your local grocery store – always reminds me of spring, the way those first tiny white flowers look on the dogwoods and bradford pear trees that grow everywhere down here. It was the perfect choice for my floral bursts.

I came across some of the wet floral foam at the dollar store the other day – $1 for two pieces. Floral foam is one of my favorite tools to work with … so many possibilities!



1 large bunch of baby’s breath
2 small pieces of floral foam (or a larger piece if you just want to make one arrangement)
2 bases for your arrangement (or 1, if you are just making one arrangement)


First, figure out a base for your arrangement. It can be something as simple as a side plate if you like. I chose to use a couple of candlesticks that were already on my mantel.

Then you’ll want to soak the floral foam. I actually cut one of the Dollar Store pieces in half, since that gave me enough of a surface to work with to achieve the scale that I was going with.


Then, cut off 4, 5 or 6 inch pieces of baby’s breath off of your stems. Start at the top, poking them in, then move to the sides, trying to keep it as symmetrical as possible!

spring floral burst
My favorite helper:


baby's breath floral arrangement

Fill the arrangement in so that the floral foam is hidden. Repeat with second arrangement.

Happy Spring!