This is another quick (under 30 minutes) DIY project for less than $5…

I’ve been in need (or wanting I supposed) some beverage tags to use for labeling drinks when we entertain. I was so excited to find these burlap tags pictured below at Michaels for $.49 a piece.  I already had some thick twine on hand and a sharpie and all that’s all I needed for these guys.

$5 Supplies:
Burlap Tags from Michaels, $.49/pc
Twine, Ribbon, or String of your choosing, cost varies, but regardless you can find for less than $3
A Sharpie, on hand (Note: I tried an off-brand permanent marker initially but the ink bled on the burlap, so Sharpie is recommended)

This one is pretty self-explantory but here is how I made my tags… First the original looped twine that came on these, though practical for packaging, wouldn’t allow me to wrap the tags around a pitcher or other large drinkware. I removed these first with the intention of replacing with longer twine.

Using the fine tip side of the sharpie I wrote my drinks of choice on my tags before going over the fine tip with the thicker ink to minimize any mistakes. I chose to write “sangria”, “lemonade”, “drink me”, and “juice” on my tags. Other options might include “over 21”, “sweetened”, “unsweetened”, etc.

Loop on your tie of choice and wrap around your serveware for a rustic, yet pretty, label. 

As an added bonus, if you have chalkboard paint on hand, you can make these reversible and add a chalkboard side. Before adding the twine, I slightly sanded down the backside to remove any sticker residue and painted on a coat of chalkboard paint. The chalkboard side is great for mixers or beverages that aren’t used quite as frequently.