I am always looking for cute serveware and dinnerware that will enhance my table setting when we have guests over. Several of the pieces I lust over are often more expensive that I’m willing to shell out so I continue to use the same boring white ceramic dishes time and time again.

On the hunt for some dishes looking to be made into a little something more, I found these basic black bowls at Old Time Pottery. My husband despises the store because of the location (I think that’s why anyways), but I love it for the inexpensive hidden gems. Where else could I find ceramic bowls for $1.49 a piece?!
These bowls are perfect size and shape for using as decoration or dinnerware.  I have a newfound obsession with gold accents so decided to glam these up a bit with some gold polka dots. 
The only supplies needed included my ceramic bowls, a sharpie, rubbing alcohol, and a couple paper towels. 

 I primed the outer surface of the bowls by wiping down with paper towels dabbed with rubbing alcohol. This with clean the surface and allow the ink to better adhere to the ceramic.

Then I started on my polka dot pattern, ensuring the spacing was even among each dot as much as possible. I’m not very keen on taking extra time to measure for perfection (hence why my husband doesn’t allow me to hang anything on the walls without his assistance). If you want a more perfect dot, you could use hole punch protector stickers as a stencil (you know, the little neon circle stickies you used in middle school to prevent your hole punches from ripping?).

Once finished with the design, let the bowls dry for 24 hours. Of course the ink will feel dry to the touch, but the waiting time allows the ink to set. Then, place the bowls in a cool oven and preheat to 350 degrees. Allow the pieces to bake for 30 minutes, then turn the oven off, allowing the pieces to cool down while inside the oven. I let mine sit in the oven overnight.

I then had these adorable little bowls, complete for less than $5. I love a DIY steal. 
**Please note that depending on the marker’s ink base and the type of ceramic, results could vary. It is recommended to hand wash the finished pieces to prolong the life of the design. Sharpie also advises to avoid using the product on any area where a mouth may come into contact with the product (i.e. don’t paint the rim of a glass with a sharpie).