It only seems fitting that our first post would be on the first project that Ashleigh and I did together. Living 500 miles apart limits our ability to get our hands dirty together so when we have the opportunity to do so, we take full advantage. 

We left the kids with these crazy guys (meet our husbands, James and Joe) and headed up to the workshop.

I love how our Pallet Inspired Wall Art turned out. My family and I recently moved into a new house and our walls are starving for décor. The weathered gray finish we gave the wood will fit perfectly into my vision for the master bedroom.

Never having used power tools myself, I was surprised at how easily and quickly we were able to put this together. Considering Ashleigh has her own workshop and power tools (and by hers, I mean hers, not her husband’s), she took the lead on the carpentry involved. Like a pro, she obviously wore safety glasses. She also wore a shaker stitch sweater, a sponge for wood shavings… not recommended.

We started with three 3ft 1×8 pine boards. Ashleigh ripped (translation: cut) these boards in half, giving us six 3ft 1x4s.
I aligned the edges of the boards as shown below, leaving the slightest space in between each to add a little depth to the finished project and to give it that refurbished palette feel. Ashleigh then cut two 3ft 1″ x 2″ inch pieces to act as our base. 
*In short, if you are having your local hardware store cut wood for you, you need six 3ft 1″x4″ boards and two 3ft 1″ x 2″ boards.  
After setting the planks in position, we positioned the 2″cuttings on either side, perpendicular to the planks. There’s no real measurement needed here as long as they are equal distance to either edge. 
Using a nail gun, we nailed the 2″ pieces down to the planks, 2 nails for each plank to ensure stability. 
Ashleigh’s so elegantly holding up the finished product (unpainted, of course). You can see how we chose to feature some of the natural knots and nature of the raw wood. I personally love the depth this adds to any wood project, but you can play and position as you see best fit. 
Using a driftwood grey stain, we covered the wood’s face side, using a cloth to wipe down excess stain, to help give that weathered appearance. 
Below photo shows the paint after being wiped down with a dry cloth. 
Once the grey paint finished drying, we adding a layer of white paint on top, again wiping down the wet paint with a cloth. Admittedly we forgot to take a photo at this stage, however you can see the final color in the final photo further below. 
My husband found the perfect hardware to hang the art. Make sure whatever you use, they are substantial and secure enough to hold the weight of the wood. You also will probably want to use wall anchors for extra security. 
The next step was the most difficult… determining what we wanted the finished product to say or be. After sitting on it for a couple of days and deciding that its home would be our master bedroom, I decided on a French quote that is both beautiful and fitting to have hanging above our bed. 
“Je t’aime plus qu’hier moins que demain” which means “I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow”. Happens to be fitting that Valentine’s Day is also coming up… 😉
I used both silver and gold paint to give the color of lettering I was looking for – more of a dusty gold. I used some stencils and a sponge to apply the paint. I stenciled on gold and a little silver overtop. (I probably could have mixed the two but I like the end result here.)

Below is the finished project!
Our Pallet Inspired Wall Art will be featured in my master bedroom reveal in the future once we get some paint on the walls and more furniture to compliment our lonesome bed.