I love the sense of accomplishment upon completing a project. Finding time in between changing diapers, making the sixth meal that the kids still probably won’t eat, and playing Ninja Turtles with the boys is difficult. That’s why I love simple projects that I can bang out in under 30 minutes… I still get that sense of accomplishment for little time committment. And even better, this project only cost me about $5. All around win.

$5 Supplies:
8×10″ canvas – I typically buy canvas in value packs so one cost me about $2
Chipboard (Wooden) Letters – I found a pack of wooden letters on sale for just over $3
Glue Gun – On hand
Paint – On hand
Paintbrush – On hand

Considering Valentine’s Day is right around corner, I decided for my canvas to read “love you madly.” The step by step here couldn’t be simpler. I first arranged the letters for my phrase to make sure they would fit and that I liked the spacing prior to committing with glue. Using a glue gun, I glued down the letters accordingly.

Once the letters were glued down, I painted on a couple coats of gold paint, situated next to some of my fave flowers (peonies courtesy of Ashleigh), and $5 and 30 minutes later I had a cute little DIY Valentine’s Day sign (that could easily live in a wall gallery year round). <3

Happy Valentine’s Day!